Additional Translations

Ordinatio prologue, q. 5, nn. 270-313

Ordinatio 2, d. 7., q. un. (omitting nn. 28-39): "Does an evil angel necessarily will badly?"

Ordinatio 3, d. 26, q. un.: "Is hope a theological virtue distinct from faith and charity?"

Ordinatio 3, d. 30, q. un.: "Must we love our enemies through charity?"

Ordinatio 3, d. 32. q. un., nn. 12-18: God's love is not proper to one of the divine Persons

Ordinatio 3, d. 35, q. un.: "Are wisdom, science, understanding, and counsel intellectual habits?"

Ordinatio 3, d. 39, q. un.: "Is all perjury a mortal sin?"

Ordinatio 3, d. 40, q. un.: "Is the New Law heavier than the Old Law?"

Ordinatio 4, d. 46, q. 4: "Does justice work together with mercy in the punishment of the wicked on the part of God as the one punishing?"

Reportatio 1A, dd. 39-40, qq. 1-3: "Does God immutably know future contingent events?" "Does God necessarily know future contingent events?" "Is it possible for someone predestinate to be damned?"

Reportatio 4, d. 49, qq. 8-9: "Do all human beings will happiness necessarily and supremely?" "Is everything that is desired, desired on account of happiness?" (translation of 4A, Latin text of 4B, translation of 4B)